Bella is a character from the book series Rose, who appears in every book in the series. She is Mr Fountain's daughter, and Rose's friend.

Vital statistics
Full name Isabella Fountain

Age 8
Status Alive
Affliations The Fountain Household
Friends Rose

Freddie Paxton Gustavus Princess Jane Princess Charlotte

Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue

History Edit Edit

Bella is Mr. Fountain's daughter. Her mother, Mrs.Fountain died when she was very young. Bella is very snobbish, spoilt and selfish, but deep down she is good at heart, and tries to help when her friends are in danger, despite being younger than them.

Bella is first mentioned in the book Rose. Bill, the footman, is telling Rose about the family, and he tells her Bella is Mr. Fountain's daughter, after Rose mistakenly thinks that he lives on his own and then that Freddie and Bella are both his children. Rose first meets Bella when she is lighting the family bedroom fires.