Chloe's Mum is from the Holly Webb book Jess the Lonely Puppy. She looks after Chloe while her big brother, Will, is in hospital with a broken leg, but she often gets cross with Jess, Will's lively Border collie puppy, for things she has thoughtlessly done on purpose, like when Jess spills dog food from the cupboard, causing Mum and Chloe to clean it up. When Chloe's holiday camp with Maddy is cancelled, Chloe becomes devastated, runs upstairs to her room and ends up taking a nap all through lunch. When she wakes up, Mum brings her her favourite, a cheese and ketchup sandwich with biscuits. Mum apologises to Chloe about the holiday camp being cancelled, and suggests bring Will some of his favourite DS games to play in hospital. The next day, Jess digs up Mum's best plant she got for her birthday, to Mum's fury, even though Chloe tries to convince Mum that Jess is only a puppy.